Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bush and the immigration policy

If things weren't so serious, it would be funny. A country that prides itself in being "the melting pot" of cultures, is now so xenophobic that it intends to build a wall to stop immigration. That will not only be expensive, it will also be quite futile. Three facts make it impossible for it to succeed.

First, the border is much larger. Unless they build a fence that stretches along the entire border, it will be just a matter of finding a different spot to cross.

Second, the income differences are so huge between Mexico and the USA, that people will still find it worth while to take their chances and try to cross by any means necessary -fence or no fence- as many times as it takes to finally make it.

Third, the immigrants that are already there are "constructing" a support network for future immigrants, helping relatives and friends to make the jump. Sure, the measures will make it tougher to cross, but not impossible. Since it can be done, it will be done.

Also, another point of the bill that is quite ridiculous is that, since they want to make it a crime to immigrate without papers, it will be possible for police to stop any random guy who looks like an immigrant, even if he was born in the USA, and ask for papers, and if he fails to produce them (left them at home, lost his birth certificate, whatever) he can then be treated like a criminal and jailed, and later deported. That does sound quite fascist to me. Anyone want to share a thought on that?

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